Tuesday, 3 March 2015

HotPod Yoga: A Lights by Tena Blogger Event

Last month we were lucky enough to be invited along to an event in Central London that was being organised by the fab girls at Lights by Tena. 
It was held at a HotPod Yoga studio in East London with stunning views of the city. I had a bit of a drama getting there because my phone died and I lost Google Maps capability. Scariest thing ever!! I had to resort to good old fashioned asking people where places were. Which was completely unsuccessful. Not one, not two but three people all sent me towards the wrong place. In the end I had to steal a plug socket in an office to charge my phone to gain access back to the world of technology.

When I did eventually turn up I was greeted and led up to the rooftop where the HotPod studio was.

How amazing does it look?! I do love a good roof top and this place would be AMAZING in the summer.
The yoga studio was lovely and warm and we were treated to a private Hot Yoga session which was fun. We had to get into some very interesting positions but you really did feel your muscles stretching and working, which felt good...eventually! It was a bit harder than I was expecting but I do like a challenge!
We were encouraged to work our ‘pelvic floor’ muscles and to concentrate on our core. It’s amazing how relaxed you can feel after a yoga session.

Afterwards the Tena girls took us through a really interesting presentation all about their campaign. We were treated to a goody bag from Social Pantry which had some yummy, healthy treats for us to enjoy in it. It really is a very worthwhile one and something we should all, especially after pregnancy and childbirth, be aware of.
Did you know that 69% of mums experience bladder weakness. How high is that?! I was surprised but then I thought about all the strain those pelvic floor muscles must go through during pregnancy and childbirth. Poor things!
If you do suffer from those little 'oops moments' then Lights by Tena have got you covered. Check out their full range of discreet products here. You can also try out some samples here.
Lights by Tena have also come up with a fab little app that not only tells you how to do your pelvic floor exercises, but will also remind you when to do them as well. I can't stress enough how important it is for us all.
I, myself, am lucky enough to not suffer from any bladder weakness after childbirth. I was jumping around on a trampoline, with my nephew, about 8 weeks after Isla was born but I know I am very much in the minority. It’s probably down to all the ballet and dancing I did when I was younger and the fact my mum made me aware of pelvic floor exercises as a teenager. Thanks mum!
It is definitely NOT something to be embarrassed about and it’s something we should all talk about more. I had a great day meeting some lovely other bloggers and definitely want to find a hot yoga class near me. Thank you Lights by Tena. Squeeeeeze those muscles ladies!


  1. I'm squeezing away at my pelvic floors now lol xx


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