Monday, 13 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1.       Isla – that was always going to have to be number one! She’s my little ninny of a sidekick and it’s hard to remember a time without her noisy, but lovely little self in our family

2.       My family - even though they live far away I still speak to them and miss them every day

3.       The husband…funnily enough - he isn’t just a partner, he’s a best friend too

4.       My friends – I’m lucky to have all sorts of friends from all sorts of places, scattered around the world and I love each and every one of them. Even if I don’t get to see them all regularly, I like to keep in touch and hear all about what they are up to. It makes me super happy to get an email or a Whatsapp filling me in on their goss. MISS YOU PEOPLE!

5.       My cats!

6.       Our family dog, Tilly, back home

7.       Going home – any trip back to Aberdeen fills me with a huge amount of excitement and happiness

8.       The Middle East – I love the place. Oman, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai are all faves. Growing up there means it has a special place in my heart. The smell of the heat and humidity as you get off the plane makes me really happy, oddly

9.       Holland – another country that is super special to me. Spent most of my secondary schooling there and loved it. Love the food, the cycling, the vibe, the culture, the on time trains…all sorts

10.   CHRISTMAS – the run up, preparing, parties, travelling home, traditions, Christmas Eve, the actual day, I love it all!

11.   Silliness – anyone who knows me knows how silly I am and I love the fact the husband is exactly the same

12.   How silly Isla is – from her ‘bub bub bub’ noises to her ridiculously over the top happy face, she literally cracks me up every day

13.   Picking Isla up from nursery – I still get excited every day when I go to get her and hear about her day

14.   Pay day! Especially now I’m back at work full time

15.   Shopping - in store, online, through Instagram, doesn’t matter which way, I love it

16.   Sunny days – everything seems better in good weather

17.   Having a tan

18.   Sitting in the garden – especially if there is a BBQ involved

19.   Picnics

20.   The beach – whether it’s on holiday or here on the South Coast, I like being able to see the sea and enjoy the fresh air

21.   Blogging – I love everything blogging has brought into my life, especially some new, very good friends

22.   Vlogging – I love capturing our family memories week by week and entertaining others with our adventures

23.   Comments on blog posts and our YouTube videos

24.   Prosecco

25.   CHEESE – I don’t trust people who don’t like cheese!

26.   Lebanese/Arabic/Turkish food – my ultimate fave type of food, especially Mezze

27.   Coffee

28.   Cheetos

29.   Jo Malone perfume and candles

30.   Vera Wang body cream – reminds me of my wedding

31.   Getting my nails done – it’s all about the Shellac

32.   Parcels in the post

33.   Peonies, Tulips and Lillies

34.   Seagulls

35.   Kittens – I think I get broody for kittens

36.   Lie ins

37.   Getting in my pyjamas

38.   Fresh bedding

39.   A clean house

40.   Organising /sorting the house out and getting rid of clutter – OCD heaven

41.   Washing hanging up on the line outside

42.   Listening to wind and heavy rain whilst tucked up cosy in bed

43.   A good workout

44.   Good manners

45.   Ballet – I wish I still danced. I’ll have to live the dream through Isla!

46.   Memory boxes

47.   Watching old home videos

48.   Hearing music my parents used to play in the house when I was little – Hello 80’s/90’s

49.   Watching Isla sleep

And finally…

50.   That Fenton dog video on YouTube – TOO FUNNY!

There you have it. 50 things that make me happy.

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What makes you happy?


  1. Ahhh I love this! You can learn so much about someone by reading them! X

    1. I thought it would be hard to think of 50 but apparently a lot of things make me happy! I know, I love reading these :) Thanks for commenting doll xx

  2. I've enjoyed reading your 50 things, we have quite a few things that make us happy in common! 😊 I can't agree enough about the smell of the Middle East though... Strange as it sounds! :)
    Becki xx

    1. It's really weird isn't it!! I didn't expect anyone to understand - yay! Thanks for commenting petal xx

  3. Great list! A good workout, fresh bedding and the beach will definitely be on mine too x

    1. Good shout! Can't wait to read yours :) xx

  4. Your comment about it! I love love love cheese! Really enjoyed reading yours x


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