Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Babasac Review*

Every now and again a very clever little product comes along that makes your life as a parent that little bit easier and it leaves you wondering what you did without it.
One of these products, which popped into our lives recently, was the Babasac by Mama Designs. 
You might think ‘Oh it’s just a baby sleeping bag’. Oh no no, you would be wrong! It is a baby sleeping bag, but it’s a baby sleeping bag with a difference.

Not only does it come a range of eye catching, fun prints it also has a very clever function. 
It can be used at a variety of different tog levels. Genuis!
We were lucky enough to be sent the star print Babasac to review and immediately fell in love with it.
The packaging it was sent in was really premium and had a lot of helpful information on the back. I’ll put my hands up and say I knew nothing about baby sleeping temperatures before I had Isla and I’ve often found the information out there about what your baby should be sleeping in quite confusing and contradictory. 
Isla is a wriggle pants and needs a sleeping bag rather than just a blanket. Blankets end up thrown out the cot ‘for fun’ and then shouted at to be put back in. Delightful child!
The Babasac has two separate layers that can be zipped in and out to suit whatever temperature your baby is sleeping in. These make the sleeping bag 1 tog and 2.5tog.
So, essentially, you are getting 2 sleeping bags in one! It saves you money because baby sleeping bags can be pretty pricey when you buy more than one of them. The RRP for the Babasac is £38.99 (for 6-18m) and it is available in 3 different sizes.
We’ve found that, as well as being great in different climates, if Isla has a bit of a temperature, it’s great to be able to strip out all the layers and let her sleep in the thin version, 1 tog, sleeping bag.

Another, very handy, feature is that the zip finishes at the bottom so you can unzip it for easily for night changes with minimum disruption to your baby.
Sad mummy alert but I always feel a little bit gutted when the Babasac needs to go in the wash and I have to put Isla back in one of the other sleeping bags she has! May need to get my hands on the new cloud print Babasac…
Thank you very much Mama Designs, you clever cookies you. If you are looking for a stylish, functional sleeping bag for your baby, then this is the one to get! They also have some other great, innovative products for you to check out.

Do you use baby sleeping bags?
*We were sent a Babasac for the purpose of this review but all opinions are 100% our own


  1. I have been looking for a new sleeping bag as my little one is also a wriggler and blankets just don't cut it. :-) x

  2. How handy - great idea! Sometimes temperatures can change a lot during night as well, this would be great for that.


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