Monday, 27 April 2015

Baby Number Two??

I can't seem to escape pregnancy at the moment. Fact. Whether it's a new scan popping up on my Facebook feed to pregnant women on the TV, it's everywhere!

I seemed to have reached the stage where people are beginning to think it's ok to start asking about baby number two.

Whooooooah hold up!

Don't get me wrong, I do want more kids. Ideally three. Just not right this minute.

I want to enjoy this stage of parenthood and being a parent of just one. Being able to devote all my attention to one child and give her all the love and attention she deserves before jumping on the roller coaster of pregnancy again.

Due to moving whilst I was pregnant, I had to find a new job when I finished my maternity leave. I enjoy the job I'm doing and would definitely want to be very established in that role before I even thought about more children. There's also the issue of added childcare with another child. That don't come cheap!

And there's also the matter of timing. Fitting a new baby in around the routine we have already. Our routine will be all up in the air when Rob goes back to sea at the end of this year too so we'll have to take that into account.

To be perfectly honest, another reason I have is a totally selfish one. I'm still not quite over the whole birth and first little while of having a new born. Not in any sort of dramatic way, just in a 'not ready to repeat the whole experience' way! Those were tough times. I always expected it to be tough but wowzers the first six weeks were very hard work.

In saying all this, I did love being pregnant. Fair enough I suffered from horrible morning sickness and nausea for 5 months, had to have physio for hip problems and suffered crazy insomnia at one point but I loved it. I loved my bump, I loved the kicks, I loved the way I looked pregnant so I would be super excited to be pregnant again when the time is right.

I also do love newborn babies. The squishiness. The tininess. The cuddles. The excitement of all the firsts to come. Everything really! It will be really lovely to have a newborn again.

We took a while to get pregnant with Isla and would ideally like something like a 2.5 year age gap between her and another baby but we'll see if it happens that way.

At the end of the day, we'll have another child when the time is right and when it's meant to happen. When it does happen we will be absolutely over the moon and Isla will be an amazing, albeit bossy, big sister.

To be honest, it's probably all this 16 and Pregnant I'm watching on MTV that's putting me off as it reminds you of all the really tough bits about having a newborn!!

How long did you wait between baby number one and baby number two?


  1. Erin was conceived when Caleb was 15 months. She was born 16 days before his 2nd birthday and I think it is a lovely gap :)

  2. Ben's just turned two, it's taken a while for my boyfriend to come around to the idea of having another child - he's finally coming round. But Ben's hit those terrible two's and I'm not too sure I could cope right now with being pregnant, and Steve (the boyfriend) said he'd rather wait till Ben has grown out of the current stage he's in. Fair enough, plus we have two holidays coming up. I would like to start trying in October! Which would mean atleast a 3 year age gap, which I'm quite okay with. As I said I wanted two under 4 just after I'd had Ben anyway. But you can't predict what will happen.

    Annas Reflection

  3. There'll be almost exactly 2.5 years between Oscar and this baby when it arrives in June. Everyone will probably tell you this, but being pregnant is never the same with subsequent babies, especially if the first is in a difficult stage. It's very hard work near the end!! x x x

  4. I know I'm expecting no2 but I do still hate how people think it's ok to question you about it the second your first is popped out haha. The right time is different for everyone :) xx

  5. I can so relate to everything you've written! Anytime I say that I'm excited about something I get people asking if I'm pregnant!! No!! I had a pretty traumatic labour which I'm not over yet but like you I'm enjoying being a mummy of 1 & spending time with my little man. If/when it happens we'll be thrilled but stop asking/badgering us about it xx

  6. We're going to have a 27 month gap when baby 2 finally shows up. I hated people asking about when we would have another as to be honest we never stopped trying - we don't do speedy conceptions it seems! Some people were really rude in the way they asked as well. Pressure didn't help. Anyway, enjoy Isla and your new job. There's plenty of time for more babies x

  7. There is 2 years & 3 months between my two girls and I do find it hard work. My youngest is a bit delayed on her speech though so she throws a temper more than usual!
    I want one more BUT not now. I want to wait until both girls are in Full time school which will be next year in September.

    Beth |

  8. Just shy of 3 years between Mini Meldrum & Florence - F born in Sept & S turned 3 in Nov... it really is a brilliant age gap! I'm loving every minute of it & already ready for a number 3, I have a feeling the age gap will be much closer next time round... :) You know when the time is right for another! x


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