Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cocoa Brown Gentle Tan Review*

Who doesn’t love having a tan? It’s one of those things that can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel better about the way you look. I’ve always been guilty of trying to achieve the perfect ‘golden’ look. Sometimes to extreme spray tanning measures that resulted in me being able to blend in with mahogany furniture. That is, if I was ever around mahogany furniture!

Before I had Isla, I would fake tan pretty religiously every week or two and topped up for nights out. I loved having a tan and tried out lots of different brands over the years. I even fake tanned the night before I went into labour to ‘look good in the birthing pool’ (which never materialized anyway!), much to my husband’s amusement. However, after entering the wonderful world of motherhood, fake tanning has slipped down the list of priorities to, well, pretty near the bottom.
I have used Cocoa Brown products before but haven’t used a gradual daily tan for years. I’m more of a ‘results right now’ kind of girl but when Cocoa Brown got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their Gentle Bronze tan, I thought why not. 
The fact that you can just pop it on every day and don’t have to sit around staining various items of clothing or wash it off is actually a god send when you are super busy as a mum. I’ve definitely come round to the idea of daily, gradual tanning.
The packaging is fab. So bright and fun. The shape of the tube means the product comes out easily and is easy to apply.
The consistency of Cocoa Brown’s Gentle Bronze is lovely. It’s a cool, almost gel like product that glides on with no problems. Doesn’t even stain your hands (but you do have to wash it off!!).
There was no fake tan smell at all. I could smell that I had something on my skin but it didn’t have that distinct biscuit smell that lots of other fake tans have. 
Onto the results… 

Even after one day I could see a difference in my skin tone, a definite, slight glow!

After a couple more days, I had a definite tan.

After roughly 5 days, I was happy with the level of tan that Cocoa Brown’s Gentle Bronze had given me. It looked super natural and I got lots of compliments. Always good!
It's also important to note I applied this on totally unprepared skin and it still went on great. Happy days, more time saved.

The RRP is £5.99 which I think is a pretty good price for the fake tan market.
Thanks Cocoa Brown for making what can often be a complete chore, a breeze of a beauty job, even with an almost one year old roaming around the house demanding attention!

Have you ever tried Cocoa Brown products? They have a very big following on social media and are in the press quite a lot.

*We were sent this product for the purposes of this review, however all opinions are 100% our own


  1. I've seen some great reviews about Cocoa Brown products recently. I've always hated using fake tan on myself but I think I might give this a try...I'm far too pale!

    1. It's a really natural look for fake tan. I'm not normally a fan of gradual tans, just because I'm impatient, but this one is so easy to use and has great results!x


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