Friday, 10 April 2015

Weekend Baby Style #16

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! We are in the middle of finalising the plans for Isla's first birthday next week and I've been very busy at work so this week has vanished. Speaking of which, we will be taking a break from #weekendbabystyle next Friday. It's Isla's birthday on that day and then we are busy all weekend with family, who will be down visiting, and at her joint party on the Sunday.

Apologies for this but I don't want to not have enough time to comment on all your lovely posts!

Back to this week...

We are, as always, very excited to see all your fab kids' outfits. Spread the word and lets join up with as many lovely bloggers as we can. Remember it is open to all ages, not just babies.

Here are Isla's weekend's outfits for this weekend.

Tee, H&M | Harems, Zara | Moccasins, Hux Baby | Headband, Bows & Braces

I love this tee from H&M. It's really simple but I love the Mint colour of the heart. I kind of wish I had put a long sleeve vest under the tee but the weather has been pretty great this week so it's all good! These harems/jogging bottoms are so lovely and soft. The knee patches are super fun and make them look a bit more premium. 

Top, H&M | Leggings, Next | Hat, Bows and Braces | Moccasins, Fawn & Finch

Mustard is one of my favourite colours when it comes to baby clothes and I have just discovered it goes amazingly with stripes, another one of my favourite things. The flutter sleeves on this top are amazing and I now want to go buy all the flutter sleeve tops in H&M. Uhoh!

On another note...

It was suggested that we should nominate ourselves for the BiB in the Style category.

If you would like to nominate us, and we would love love love you to, click the badge in our side bar or below and fill out the form you lovely people you!


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Thank you very much!!

Our special mentions, this week, are:

Eeeee how cute is Sophie from Play at Home Teacher's little pocket on her tee?! Her clever mummy sewed it on!

This outfit from Baby Holiday is AWESOME! Who wouldn't love to rock a Run DMC tee with a pair of Red bottoms??

So now it's your turn...

The rules are simple:
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The Knott Bump & Us

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  1. So so cute! And I've never really thought of stripes for babies for some odd reason! But now I'm on the hunt for some Daisy after seeing Isla rocking them! Xx

  2. Mustard is one of my fav's! Isla is rocking it. Aw go and enjoy a break hun and enjoy Isla's birthday you must be so excited Jacobs is 1 next month and I'm so excited but emotional. Have a great birthday Isla xxxx

  3. What an awesome outfit! Specially love the hat! I just linked up my baby's outfit, who says that baby boy clothe is not cute! x

  4. Thanks for Hosting, wishing Isla a lovely first birthday - I am after some cool Sun Hats for Loen have you seen any around you are the lady to ask!!


  5. Love the outfits!! I've just linked up for the first time, great linky! :) xx

  6. She has such good style (well, Mummy does, haha!), that hat is so great and I adore the 'I'm so cute' tee, it's so true. x

  7. Love these picks, especially the stripes and mustard leggings. Absolutely lovely. Happy Birthday to your little one x

  8. Cute knee patches. She looks great as always. I hope she has a wonderful birthday :)

  9. That yellow hat!!!! Soooooooooo cute!!!!! xxx

  10. How cute is the beret!! Love it. Xx

  11. So cute. That mustard hat is amazing. I haven't put M is mustard before. I think its because it might clash with her hair! Thank you for hosting! :-) xx

  12. I love the yellow and stripey top combo - you have one fashionable baby! xx

  13. Ahh love it all. The knee patches. The mustard with the navy stripes. The mocs. Ahh Isla is a cutie. I can't believe she is one next week! I hope she has a lovely birthday. Thank you for featuring us too x

  14. Oh that yellow hat is amazing! I'd wear that myself!


  15. These outfits are too cute. She looks adorable in the mustard hat hope she has a lovely birthday

  16. They are both lovely outfits. Sorry I haven't linked up yet, I keep forgetting. I will remember soon, promise! x

  17. LOVE the Mustard!! So cute! Sys's got the leggings - we are huge Mustard wearers too! #TT_thursday


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