Monday, 11 May 2015

12 Month Baby Update

(How could I forget 'You started Ballet'?! Oops)

12 months old. What a month this has been! I feel like I’ve lost my baby and I have a full blown toddler now instead. Super scary stuff.

We had such a lovely day celebrating Isla turning the big O-N-E. You can read all about it here.

Isla is continuing to enjoy nursery and is learning all sorts of new tricks. We have an online system that we can log into to see what she’s getting up to at nursery. It’s fab. Her lovely nursery girls upload photos, videos and stories about what she’s getting up to and we can comment and reply back. It does make you feel more of a part of their week.
At the moment she’s causing all sorts of mischief at nursery including stealing all the staff’s shoes and making friends with boys!

Isla is practically running now. She literally springs up and shoots off. She’s definitely got the walking down to a tee
- She is now fully on cow’s milk. We ran out of formula one day and just went straight onto cow’s milk with no issues whatsoever
- We don’t sterilise bottles anymore. Such a time saver
- She has 11 teeth and another molar coming through. They’ve not been too much of a bother. Just some crazy Red cheeks going on. The molars look super painful though and much bigger than all the previous teeth
- Isla now copies a lot of what we and other babies, kids and people do. For example, if you show her how to put something on like shoes, she tries to do it herself
- She responds to ‘sit down’, ‘ta’ and ‘food’ etc
- She likes recognition for what she does! If she knows she’s done something right, she turns round and claps until you join in and praise her too!
- Isla has started a baby ballet class (best thing ever!!!)

The routine was a bit of a mammoth one this month so it will be a separate post here tomorrow.
Isla hasn’t been weighed this month. I might get them to do it at her jabs this week.

We’re on cow’s milk now. Woop. So much easier than formula. Also loving the fact we don’t sterlise anymore either. Winning all round time wise!
Usually about 6-7am - 6oz bottle
8am – breakfast at nursery
Mid morning - 6oz bottle
Lunch at nursery
Mid afternoon - 6oz bottle and snack at nursery

Around 4pm – dinner at nursery
Between 4-5pm – snack at nursery
Bedtime - 9oz bottle
They eat all sorts of things at nursery. Isla seems to like meatballs, pie, jacket potatoes, anything chicken-ey and a whole lot more. They make it all fresh and I always get told she eats well there, which is fab. 

Isla is in 12-18 months clothes now. There are the odd smaller sized items that still fit though.

I am loving this age. She is so much fun and such a character. Always trying to make us laugh with her antics. It’s so interesting to watch them develop. You can see their minds constantly thinking about what to do next. Lots of (tiring) fun!


  1. Definitely lots more fun to come, I'm loving the toddler stage they're such characters now :). Crazy how fast this year has gone! Xx

  2. such lovely photos, the first year is so precious. #PoCoLo

  3. Oh she's just so lovely! So pleased Isla is doing so well and she looks adorable in her little ballet tutu!xx

  4. Beautiful photos. My daughter started ballet at around the same age - she's just turned two and she still loves it!

  5. How lovely - gosh, Pickle didn't walk until 19 months old, and still only has 12 teeth at 2 and a half!! Lovely though because it felt like he was a baby for ages which was so wonderful. Lovely photos. Kaz x

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