Friday, 8 May 2015

Weekend Baby Style #19

So first of all I have something to discuss with all you lovely people who link up with us. As you know this linky is open to all ages of kids but the name of it is obviously Weekend Baby Style. This doesn’t really fit so we’re trying to come up with a new name. Looking for something short and snappy that will catch people’s attention. I have a few ideas but would love to hear your opinions. Let us know in the comments!

Tee, River Island | Jeggings, Gap| Moccasins, Buffalo & Bear | Top Knot, River

As a blogger’s baby, when I saw this tee, I knew I needed to buy it. I mean who doesn’t love a #OOTD or a #BOOTD?! I do love Isla in Black tees but this is when she is most likely to get mistake for a boy so a hair accessory is a necessity. These moccs have been elevated to favourite moccasin status in Isla’s collection. I LOVE them! They are so well made as well so if you are looking for some moccs, definitely go check them out on Beebies Baby Store.

Dress, H&M | Cardi, H&M | Sandals, Clarks | Headband, Braces & Bows

Isla isn’t so great in dresses, probably because she isn’t used to them, and they get in the way of her daily explorations. I’d never send her to nursery in one, unless it was a short one and it was really hot weather. This one is a great length and I adore the colour of it. Such a lovely shade of Blue. And it’s striped. We all know how I feel about stripes! She’s getting on really well with her Clarks shoes and it’s great to know they are a proper fit for her growing little feet. I do wish there were plainer styles though. Glitter, butterflies and sequins aren’t really my thaaaaang. I can never find plain coloured cardis for her. This is one of the only acceptable ones in her wardrobe that will go with everything. Any tips would be much appreciated!

One of our faves from last week.

Eeee how dapper is Jacob from Mummy and the Bubbas looking? That denim shirt goes perfectly with the Grey elephant leggings.

Very much looking forward to seeing all your entries this week. Spread the word!

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  1. Those outfits are super cute! I remember when my girls didn't like wearing dresses because they couldn't do their usual daily things ha ha! Such as climbing up things they weren't supposed to haha!

  2. Isla is going to be a fashion blogger :-) she looks like a little model xx

  3. Oooo thanks lovely, I do love that jean shirt xx

  4. Such a cute dress! I know what you mean about them being in the way of moving, I think it gets better when they are competent walkers and not that little. And the shorter they are the easier to move in them too :)

  5. The t-shirt is great and I love that dress, perfect for summer. x

  6. As ever, I love ALL of Isla's outfit, but the t-shirt is the best! A true blogger's daughter!
    As for the name of the linky, I like it having 'weekend style' in there, maybe something like 'Cutie Weekend Style'

  7. She is always so cute and smiley, i love her in black, you always style her so well! :-) The name of the linky topic is hard, something like "Little Fashionistas" or similar could be cute! :-) xx

  8. How about 'Weekend Kiddy Style'? That way it isn't changed much! On to the outfits, they are all gorgeous but I love the blue striped dress and the leopard shoes, just adorable! Still working on my post, will link up later tonight :)


  9. love the second outfit! this is our first time linking up x

  10. Kiddy weekender?! I do like weekend kiddy style but that's been taken! Also loving the first outfit - super cute! Xx

  11. I always love Isla's style! That tshirt from River Island is very appropriate for these WBS posts. I love the back and leopard print combo. The dress is so sweet . What a little fashionista! #weekendbabystyle

  12. Islas outfits are gorgeous as always. She's such a fashionista. My favourite are those leopard print moccasins!!! Hope you're having a great weekend. K x

  13. I knew RI did kids clothes now but I didn't know they did baby bits! I adore that top! This might be dangerous for the next time I have a baby! haha x

  14. Love both outfits! She can rock any look :) xx

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