Monday, 18 May 2015

Why I Started Blogging

What feels like many moons ago I was newly pregnant and in need of some information and advice. None of my friends were pregnant at the time and I wasn’t living near family either. I randomly stumbled across a couple pregnancy blogs and was instantly hooked. I think the first ones I found were Lucie and the Bump and Hannah Maggs and I loved reading all their pregnancy updates and advice. It really helped me get through all the questions I had surrounding pregnancy and any ‘I wonder if this is normal’ moments.

So these are my top reasons for why I started blogging. I’ll probably do another post on why I continue to enjoy blogging at a later date too.
It was so refreshing to be able to read honest, straight to the point advice from another parent-to-be/parent’s perspective rather than the usual bog standard ‘help and tips’ on pregnancy and parenting websites. There are a LOT of things those websites don’t cover, let me tell you! It’s always reassuring to hear you are not the only one experiencing the very bizarre side effects of pregnancy.
In a way the blog also started as a hobby. I knew I was going to be moving areas just before I had Isla and that I wouldn’t know anyone. I am terrible at being in my own company with nothing to do so the blog acted as something to keep me occupied whilst I was on maternity leave after we moved. It’s amazing what focusing the mind can do to stop negative thoughts! The husband is lucky I had it otherwise I would have bored on and on even more so about leaving London. It was also a fun talking point with new people and friends once they discovered it.
We are all about the memories in our household. I have always loved photos and videos and having a child has only added to my love for them. My parents took loads of photos and videos of us growing up and we love watching them back. My dad, the original vlogger haha. It’s amazing how quick you forget the little day to day things your baby does as the months roll on. All the different little sounds and characteristics. Blogging has helped me keep a pretty detailed record of everything so far and I love looking back on it all. Hopefully Isla will one day too. I’ll have to keep it up if we have more kids so I don’t look like I’ve favourited her!
To Help Others
Whether it’s a personal post of a product review of some sort, it’s always lovely to hear we are helping others. I get lovely comments and messages on social media saying thank you for sharing a certain topic or questions on products I’ve reviewed that people are looking to buy. I always looks to blogs and vlogs for advice these days and will never buy anything big without reading a real life review, if I can find one. It seems like parenting is just one big question after another and when we figure out some of the answers we love sharing and helping others. We’re all different but reading other people’s experiences definitely helps us out.
I can’t actually remember what I did with my spare time before I started blogging now, it’s mad! I owe a lot to this little project I started over a year ago. The main things would be allowing me to make some super amazing friends out of it and increasing my confidence as a parent.
Why did you start blogging (if you do!)? And if not, what is your main reason for reading blogs? I’d love to hear!
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  1. I can't remember what I did in my spare time either!! Cleaned perhaps? My housework has definitely suffered! Your blog is lovely it's so nice to read about other peoples journeys and experiences, as you say. Lovely post xx

  2. It's so interesting to know the reasons behind a blog I think. I set up The Dad Network when we lost our first baby. I wanted to provide an on-line support group where dads could share their thoughts and feelings with other dads. A year on and we have nearly a thousand great dads in the group :) Thanks for linking yup to #bigfatlinky

  3. I started blogging when I went on maternity leave in 2012. I wanted a project and love to write. However, the culture shock of having a baby meant that I quickly put my blog aside. A year later I came back to it and I now can't imagine my free time without it :) x

  4. It is a fabulous hobby isn't it :) Was lovely to hear your thoughts about why you started blogging - for me it was much about writing, keeping a photographic journal and sharing my pictures with family and friends. I do the occasional advice post as well, always nice to share good tips and ideas!

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