Monday, 4 May 2015

Why I Vlog

When I first started blogging I never set out to venture into the world of YouTube. Publishing videos with my awful voice droning on in the background was not something I wanted to inflict on the world! I kind of fell into it by accident. 
I had been doing reviews for a couple of big parenting companies and it got suggested to me that a video review might be an effective way of getting across how a product worked and would let me emphasise how I felt about the product better. 

I had also been watching various other parent bloggers joining the vlogging world and loved catching up on what they had been up to during the week. Due to the fact that we don’t live near a lot of family and friends, I thought it would be a lovely idea to film what we were up to so they could see. 
I took the plunge roughly 6 months ago and have really started getting into it. Whilst I was on maternity leave I tried to do weekly vlogs of what we’d been up to during the week as well as review videos and haul videos. I felt really self-conscious at first and worried about what everyone would think of me but it’s amazing how quickly you relax into it. 
Once I started back at work full time I changed it to just weekend vlogs. Nobody wants to see me just drop Isla off, go to work every day and do mundane things like food shopping and cleaning! So now our rough video schedule is one weekend vlog and one other video, either a haul or a review or anything else that takes our fancy.
I’d like to keep expanding the channel and am keen to link up with my fellow mummy/parent bloggers out there. I’m lucky in the sense that I have my ‘chummy mummies’ Jess, Rom and Donna, who I know in real life, and all have YouTube channels, but I think we need to get together more and do some collab videos!
My husband still makes fun of me for my ‘vlogging’ voice. Apparently it’s much more high pitched and enthusiastic compared to my day to day voice! He’s really gotten into it as well now. He pretends he isn’t but he secretly loves it.
We get such amazing comments from some lovely lovely people all around the world and it really helps us to keep going with it and putting the effort in. We've had lots of positive feedback from family and friends abroad as well so it really makes it worthwhile.
At the end of the day the main reasons I vlog are to capture special family moments and help other parents out. Whether that is through being honest about parenting, sharing updates, tips or reviews, we love helping others about. Above all though, we are trying to create a huge collection of memories Isla can look back on in the future. I absolutely adore my family videos of when we were all little and I'm just trying to create a modern day version of the home movie!
You can check out our channel here.
Do you watch YouTube channels? Who are your faves?


  1. I love that more and more UK mummies are starting to vlog! When I started there was only a handful of us, but now it really feels like a little family, as cheesy as that sounds haha xx

    1. One big happy family! I love how supportive we all our of each other. I didn't watch that many when I started and now my sub list is full of amazing girlies :) xx

  2. Chummy mummy loveeeeee!! Xx

  3. Aw I love that you vlog. In fact you're my inspiration for me starting to vlog! I've done 4 so far, and really enjoy it. You're right, they're like modern home movies that you can share with the world! Sabrina x

  4. woop woop we definitely need to all meet again soon; Little Town here we come! Ooh and dinner and drinks with Rob and Pete. Let's put it in the diary and charge up the cameras! Me and Raspy love your videos; it's his chance to see his gurl on the daily! haha

  5. We are all one big happy family! I've not been a part of it long but I love it! I wish I could meet everyone.
    I love your vlogs and your accent is lovely. And, of course, Isla is such a cutie ! x

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