Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Brother Max Weaning Review*

Brother Max like to keep things simple. They are all about creating innovative yet practical products that help us out on our parenting journey. Brother Max aim to design products that help get things done more quickly and are basically all about great designs for little people.
We were lucky enough to be sent a box of goodies from their new range to share with you all.

I’ve always loved their products. They are so stylish, fun and colourful. They are also, above all, practical. There is nothing worse than buying a baby product then realising you’ve wasted your money on something you will never use.
First up is the trainer cup. How great a shape is this bad boy. Not only does it look great but it has really good functionally to it as well. Isla is able to hold it with ease and control  the amount of water she is taking in. There is very minimal spillage and she seems to drink quite a bit our of it. This retails for £4.99.

Next we have the set of two easy hold bowls. These are such a good shape that help your baby understand they can hold food comfortably in their hands but not throw it too much. They are a fab size for after nursery snacks and Isla enjoyed hers in the garden this week. A set of two bowls retails for £4.99.

And onto the catching fold baby bib. What a clever idea to have a soft bib with a contrasting hard shell for catching any rogue bits of food. These are so easy to clean and look pretty comfortable for you baby. The hard, shell bit also doubles up as a storage facility for the soft part of the bib. Simply roll up, fit into the hard part and do the buttons up to seal. This retails for £5.99.
Brother Max have also just launched their new website which looks great. It is so lovely and colourful and very easy to navigate. Go check out their full range here.
What are your essential weaning products?

*We were sent these products to review but all opinions are 100% our own!

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