Saturday, 13 June 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide

A few ideas for Father's Day 2015 if you are planning to get a gift...

Molton Brown Gift Set - Men might pretend they don't like a pamper but they definitely do behind closed doors! And what better brand to pamper with than a bit of Molton Brown. This taster set has some lovely bits that can be used for travelling as well. It's also always good when things come in their own boxes for wrapping!

Coffee Machine - I'm clearly being selfish here as the only thing my husband would use this for is to make hot chocolate! He's not a coffee drinker at all but it would make a lovely present for a dad who does like coffee, if you are wanting to splash a little bit more cash.

Power Bank - There are so many power banks out there but I've had a good read on Google and this would be the one I would choose to get. Robert and I are terrible for not having enough battery on our phones to last a day so one of these would be a very welcome addition to our family.

Tea - Robert is SUCH a tea drinker. He literally drinks more tea than my mum. And that's saying something. We tried out these new tea leaf gift sets from British Tea Lovers and they are FAB. You get a tea strainer as well as a useful keepsake tin. We all know dads love a tin for keeping bits and bobs in! Use discount code DAD 181 to get 10% off. They have a sale on just now as well.

BBQ Utensil Set - Who doesn't love a BBQ?! This little set would be handy for all the BBQs we are going to have with this great British summer of ours...

Craft Beers Subscription - I love the idea of subscription gifts and craft beers are all the rage just now. It's a gift that keeps on giving and it a little bit unique at the same time.

Hip Flask - Sticking with the topic of drink...a personalise ship flash would be a hit with a lot of dads. I like this one because it's quite grown up and stylish. There are a lot of tacky hip flasks out there!

Handmade Vouchers - Such as: 7 days off doing bath time; 1 nights un-argued choice of TV; 2x mowing the lawn and little things like that. I bet this would be a winner with most dads! 

We will probably take daddy out for brunch or make him breakfast in bed, give him a special card and he might get a little present...if he's lucky!

What are your plans for Fathers Day?

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