Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Little Ondine Nail Polish Review*

I can be quite an indecisive person. Just ask my husband about when we go out for dinner…  

When Little Ondine got in touch asking if we wanted to try out some of their natural nail polishes, we were intrigued.  

A peel off nail polish? For grownups? That you can change to your heart’s content? Count us in.  

My inner child delighted at the idea of sitting there peeling the polish off, even though this clearly isn’t the actual purpose of the product!  

Seriously though, as a mum it is hard to find time for the little things you used to enjoy doing for yourself and painting your nails is definitely on that list. The painting part in itself is enough of a chore but actually having to take it off when it starts to look rubbish. Is even more of a thought.  
That’s why this product is so clever. It is literally so easy to chop and change colours and there is no faffing around with cotton pads and nail polish remover. Which is also actually safer with little hands about. 

Onto the actual product.

We loved the packaging. It looked great. Nice and modern with a clean, eye-catching design.

The colours we were sent were not the colours I would have picked for myself but were still nice colours. There is a really great range of colours to choose at Little Ondine. You are definitely spoilt for choice.

The polish itself is made from natural products including natural resin, organic colourants and water. 

The instructions are quite strict to make sure that you get the best out of the product and are as follows:
  • Clean and dry nails to remove excess oils
  • Apply two - three layers
  • Clean around edges before polish dries
  • Keep nails dry for first hour

After one coat

After two coats

The Little Ondine polish went on really easily and I did two coats. It looked fab and was pretty durable. It was also fast drying.

When it was time to take it off, it was literally just a case of peeling it all off in one go. As simple as that! 

All in all, we think this is a great product that is perfect for us busy mamas. I will admit that I am rather guilty of trotting off to the salon to get a Shellac manicure. Mainly because I know these last at least 2 weeks, but I do get bored of the colour within that time frame sometimes so will definitely be using my Little Ondine polishes in between manicures. I'm also off on holiday in September so Little Ondine polishes would be a perfect addition to the travel packing.

The RRP is £8.40 and they are available to buy through their website here.

*We were sent two nail polishes free to charge to try but all opinions are 100% our own


  1. What an amazing idea! I'm terrible at removing old nail polish so how handy would this be!! X

    1. Super handy! So easy to get off :) And they do lovely colours x


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