Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bag Review and Giveaway

We have reached an awkward stage on the old changing bag front. I is now a one year old and doesn't require as much stuff to be carted around as she used to. In saying that, if we are out for more than a couple hours, or for a day trip, I find myself filling up the changing bag to the brim!

When I first heard about Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bags, my first though was 'hooray! I can use my handbags again!'. You know, the designer ones that you spend far too much money on before having a baby and that your husband tuts at on a regular basis.

The Nappy Grab Bag itself is essentially a handy little sealed pouch that contains the following:
  • 1x Eco Friendly Naty Nappy (in relevant size)
  • 4x Jackson Reece Kinder Nature Herbal Baby Wipes
  • 1x sachet of Weleda Nappy Change Cream
The first thing I have to say is how compact it is. It really could fit in your back pocket. Not in my back pockets of my skinny jeans though, nothing fits in there!

HOW cute is the nappy! I am always on the hunt for plainer nappies and I'm also obsessed with clouds. The fact they are environmentally friendly is an added bonus. The wipes are perfect for sensitive little bottoms.

The Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bag itself rolls out to be a handy little changing mat for on the go. It also features a little nappy sac pouch at the bottom to put the dirty nappy in. Just roll it all up and seal with the label. Genius. 

I was super impressed by the Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bag, but I think the husband was even more so. He loves anything practical and compact. We used the Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bag on a lunch date with friends and they were all wondering what it was. Always on the hunt for a new parenting hack that lot!

The Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bag retails at £9.99 for pack of 5 at Ocado and other leading retailers.

We have a months supply (20x Becky Mantin's Nappy Grab Bags in your chosen size) to give away to one of you lovelies.

All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Good Luck!


  1. I think these are a great idea and I'd love to win the give away but really I think they're just too expensive to use on a regular basis. As my little one has gotten older I've just had a small sandwich bag with one nappy, small pack of wipes, a nappy bag and some antibac, does the job for emergencies!

  2. I never knew anything like this existed! Such a good idea. Would love to try these out x

  3. Fab idea! Hoping I win one to try 😀

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