Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Galt Ambi Toys Max Pull Along Dog Review*

We were super excited to receive our second Galt Toy to review. It was a hard choice to make when choosing which toy to pick. Galt Toys have so many wonderful bits and bobs in their Ambi Toy range and they all also have great developmental and learning benefits. Clever little toys!

In the end I chose the Max Pull Along Dog as he was just too cute to pass by. Isla is very mobile and practically runs everywhere now so I thought he’d be a perfect little companion for her.
My mum was staying with us when the Max Pull Along Dog arrived and she was the first one to go ‘ooh what a fab looking toy’. We were leaving Isla with my mum for the weekend, whilst we went to a wedding, so she asked if she could keep the toy until we went away so it would be a fun distraction if Isla missed us. Needless to say Isla is far too independent for her own good and didn’t even notice we’d gone, but that’s another story!
Isla. Loves. Max. I think she particularly likes the noise he makes as you pull him along. She really loves animals so it’s almost like she thinks this is now her own ‘pet’. We have a cat who is less impressed about Max, than Isla is, which is quite funny. She sits and glares at him as Isla pulls him along. 
The Max Pull Along Dog is lots of fun. Isla goes looking for him in her toy bag. She seems to particularly love the fact his tail wags and he moves around.
The Galt Toys Pull Along Max retails for £15.99 and you can check out the whole range here.
*We were sent the Galt Ambi Toys Max Pull Along Dog to review but all opinions are 100% our own


  1. Aww I love Max! I'll be looking for something similar for when Penelope gets a little more confident with her walking. It's so cute, fun and it looks like Isla really loves it :) xx

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