Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Mummy OOTD #14

Jumper, H&M £14.99
Jaime Jeans, Topshop £42
Boots, H&M £29.99
Glasses, Marc Jacobs
Infinity Necklace, Accessorize £8

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Enail Nail Polish Gift Set Review & Giveaway!*

Christmas is coming and what is usually top of our Christmas lists? Beauty products, of course!

I am a sucker for a lovely nail polish and recently came across the very clever site that is Enail.

They let you create gorgeous, personalised nail polish gift sets for friends and loved ones (or for yourself, like I did!).

The site is really easy to navigate and the process is so easy and quick to do.

Step 1:

Choose your font and text for the personalised labels...

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sassy Bloom Subscription Box Review*

Who doesn't love a subscription box? An exciting box of goodies coming through your letterbox every month? Yes please!

Before I got pregnant, I had heard of beauty subscription boxes and snack subscription boxes but not anything to do with babies or parenting. 

A few months ago, I had seen Sassy Bloom in the press and when they got in touch to offer to send us a box to review, we were over the moon...

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Last Week's Vlog - featuring a dancing daddy!

Catch up with last week's vlog before this week's one goes up tomorrow!

We had lots of fun last week and were super busy doing all sorts. There was lunch with friends, baby dates and a road trip to Bath which is such a beautiful city.

Hope you enjoy!

Little Big Foot - Interactive Storytelling App Review

In our modern world we use technology for practically everything. Whether it is at work on a computer, on an smart phone catching up with news and friends or on a tablet watching YouTube videos, it appears there is an app for everything to help with our day to day lives.

We have reviewed a couple baby/parenting apps in the past and we've been looking at a new storytelling one over the last week.

Little Big Foot is a creation from the founders of Mothership Publishing, screenwriter Peter Kline and Video Game Creative Director Alex De Rakoff. It is aimed at children that 5 or under.

It is a lovely story with a great message behind it. It tells the story of a young Big Foot as he travels away from his home in search of adventure. When he reaches the big city he quickly becomes a star but soon feels unhappy and he misses home.  After being rescued by his dad he realises that everything he was looking for was inside him all along. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Blade & Rose Festive Baby Goodies!*

We were sent some gorgeous little Christmas treats for Isla this week from the lovely British brand that is Blade & Rose.

Blade & Rose specialise in a trendsetting range of leggings featuring stylish designs on the *ahem* bottom area! They are really unique and lots of fun for kids to wear.

The brand was set up by Amanda Peffer, who is a mum of two, and who has recently been announced as a finalist in the Mumpreneur Awards 2014. How exciting! She set up the business whilst she was on maternity leave. It seems a lot of us mummies like to keep busy whilst on leave from work!

The inspiration for the designs on the bottom came when Amanda found herself constantly pulling down her baby daughter's tops to stop the top of her leggings being exposed. In the end she decided to embrace the bottom and designed a fun range of leggings around the concept.

We love the festive leggings and hat. I love anything with a christmas pudding on it, and personally want a Christmas pudding onesie for Christmas, so these were right up my street!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

6 Months Old - Baby Update

This one is a bit late...almost a month late in fact. 7 month update coming in the next couple days!


It's been another busy month. I don't think it'll actually ever get any quieter but that's fine, we don't like to be bored!

We went up to Scotland for 2 weeks for my brother's 21st and to generally catch up with friends and family. It was lovely and went by too quickly as per usual.

We've been to a few brand events - the BabyBjörn one was a highlight!...